Wednesday, March 21

Mass Effect 3 review

You're probably wondering why I haven't reviewed Mass Effect 3 yet. That's because my review was published in a legitimate newspaper. Sure, the school paper, but still.
Here's the online link

I had to cut it down due to space limits in the paper. I had to completely remove the multiplayer section for example. My thoughts on multiplayer - it's really good for Bioware's first attempt at a co-op mode. It has its limits, but it's a satisfying experience. And well, you already know what I think of the ending.

Wednesday, March 14

Why Mass Effect 3's ending is brilliant

This goes without warning but SPOILERS!
    So there’s this big controversy over Mass Effect 3’s endings. The Bioware forums even have this pole where nearly 40,000 people have voted for a brighter ending (as of this writing.) Some people are even saying that the endings ruined the entire trilogy for them. Personally, I love the concept behind the conclusion, but I don’t think the execution was the greatest. But first, it should be pointed out why a happy ending is a bad idea for this franchise.

Monday, March 5

Why Uncharted 3 is the worst game in the trilogy

    Before I get started, let me say for the record that Uncharted 2 remains my favourite PS3 exclusive and was my favourite game of the year 2009. The game is a fun throwback to movies like Indiana Jones; it has lots of humour, near perfect pacing and a well-rounded story. The game also has excellent graphics and sound. I’ve played other great PS3 exclusives, like Metal Gear Solid 4, Killzone 2 and 3, and the first three PS3 Ratchet and Klank games (I haven’t had time to play All 4 1 yet.) Every part of me wanted to enjoy Uncharted 3 as much as I did Uncharted 2.