Friday, May 28

The Last Game Store - Halifax

    So I just got back from a little vacation in Nova Scotia to visit my dad's family. While I was there, I went into an independent game store called "The Last Game Store" in Halifax. Why am I writing this? Because it's quite possibly the best game store I've ever stepped into.

    The first thing you see when you step into this little used game shop is a bunch of arcade machines. When I was there, these included Marvel Vs. Capcom 2, Spider-Man, and several other classics. Venture in a bit more and you'll find all their used game consoles in a glass display case. It didn't take long for me to realize that they had full sections for used games from every major game console ever released...yup!

Tuesday, May 18

Movie Review - The Land Before Time series part 1 (intro/first movie)

    Over the next month or so, I will be reviewing the entire Land Before Time series. Just so you know, that means thirteen movies and a 26-episode TV show. Like I said a while back, the original Land Before Time movie was important to my childhood, and I still enjoy it today. I watched the first six movies as a kid, and back then I enjoyed them. Now, well...HELP ME! (part 2 here, part 3 here, part 4 here)

    The movie was directed by Don Bluth, whose a bit of a legend when it comes to animated films - The Land Before Time is considered one of his better films. It's loaded with themes of life and death, as well as strong anti-racist themes. It's actually pretty sad for a family film, but as a result it has one of the happiest endings I remember as a child. Of course like many of their owned franchises, Universal likes to whore them out as much as possible, hence the 12 sequels and TV show.

Wednesday, May 12

Movie Review - Home Alone 4

    Alright, today I'm reviewing Home Alone 4: Taking Back the House. I'm not in the mood to joke about how good this one is, so let's just cut right into this crap. For this review, I'll be assuming that you've seen the original. If you haven't, I recommend that you do - it's funny, it's cute, and I still enjoy it. Also, I apologize for the lack of pictures in this review, but I'm having trouble with my computer today. I will add more pictures whenever I get the chance.

    First problem with Home Alone 4, it doesn't have the Home Alone musical theme, or even anything close. Home Alone 3 didn't have it much, but at least it hinted the theme with the movie's intro. Second problem is that it's Kevin Mccalister again. Yup, from the first movie. Why is this a problem? Well, Kevin only has two siblings instead of four: Buzz and Megan, and his parents are getting divorced. That's the way to stomp all over many people's childhoods. Also, it's supposed to be a sequel to the first two, yet everyone in the family looks younger. Also, while Buzz was a jerk to Kevin in the first two movies, he's just way over the top in this one and doesn't even hide it from their mother. They turn Megan into the same kind of jerk too. The worst part of this sequel is that Kevin's parents are getting divorced. Oh yeah, you learn all of this in the first five minutes - perfectly setting the mood for the rest of this abomination.

Saturday, May 8

Why trees are evil

    In the past, I've how the Easter Bunny is an experiment from an evil mastermind whose trying to take over the world. Now I have a further warning. Trees are evil and are trying to enslave the human race. I mean think about it. Surely there are already more trees than human beings on this planet. They're also taller, they live much longer, and their roots get tangled up around underground pipes all over. But rather than simply talking about their evilness, I should probably prove it. Here are seven reasons why Trees are evil and trying to enslave us all.

1. They're brainwashing us into planting more trees - Seriously, don't you think they outnumber us enough already? Not content with outnumbering us in the country, they want to outnumber us in the city too. You see it in schools, you see it in parks, and you even see it in gardens. Surely you must see the influence these trees have on our minds. All this global warming stuff we keep hearing about, and all the pollution...all lies told to us by the trees just so that we plant more of them.

2. They keep stealing our frisbees - I have lost count of the number of sports equipment that I've seen lost in trees over the years. Worse yet, it's always the pine trees that steal the sports equipment - the ones that poke you with thousands of pointy objects when you try to climb them. They only do this for one single make us suffer.

Tuesday, May 4

Game Review - Spy Games: Elevator Mission

    Today I'll be reviewing Spy Games: Elevator Mission for the Wii. Now the Wii is the best selling current-gen system at 67 million units. Despite releasing a year later, it's nearly 30 million units ahead of the Xbox 360 (which in turn is ahead of the PS3.) It is now the best selling Nintendo home console, and after nearly four years it's still selling out frequently. But as the best selling, and cheapest system, it's also the target for the most shovel-ware. The best selling game system always gets the cheapest, worst games of the generation. Yet among all the crappy games like Super Mario Galaxy, Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess, and Red Steel 2, there are a few brilliant games like Spy Games: Elevator Mission.

    Elevator Mission is a simple shooting game. You land on the roof of a 50 story office building, and work your way through each floor looking for five data discs. These discs hold information about the corporation's illicit arms dealings. Along the way there are plenty of baddies to shoot. You start with a wimpy little pistol that you have to shoot the bad guys um. once to kill them? This pistol also has unlimited ammo, and is so awesome that it doesn't even make a sound when you shoot. Holy crap! This game makes you feel invincible. The enemy bullets move slow enough that you can dodge them, only adding to your feeling of invincibility. There's also a machine gun and a shotgun that you can pick up later. It's also a corridor shooter like the original Wolfenstein 3D, except it's much, much better. It's games like this, a corridor shooter with three types of bad guys (the only difference is how many times you have to shoot them.) I'm just overwhelmed by how awesome this game is...NOT!