Saturday, July 31

Back from internet problems/ retro-bit controller warning

I've been having some internet problems lately, which is why I haven't updated in a while. In the mean time though, I've still been working on material which will be posted over the next week or so.

Also, I recently bought an N64 controller made by Retro-Bit - brand new by the way. Long story short, it doesn't work right. Holding left, right, and up on the joystick works fine, but if you hold it down all the way, the system thinks you're holding it up. No joke, down on the joystick goes up. I have no idea how they messed that up, but I had the exact same problem when I returned it for a replacement controller.

So as a personal recommendation, do not buy Retro-Bit controllers.

Tuesday, July 13

Donkey Kong Country Returns poem

Yeah, I know it's mediocre, but I felt like posting it here anyway.

Donkey Kong, Donkey Kong,
when will you return?
Your last real game was DK64,
And even then, I felt a burn.

How awesome were your classics?
Donkey Kong Country and the arcade
You need to return to your basics,
Like Rare last had you made.

Video Review - Crackdown 2

A short review of Crackdown 2. I very much enjoyed the first, so how does this one fare?

Tuesday, July 6

Movie Review - Bloodrayne

Today I’m reviewing Bloodrayne, one of Uwe Bowl’s many masterpieces of cinematic art. Uwe bowl is special – he creates movies based on videogames and actually does a good job. I had the pleasure of seeing Bloodrayne lately, and it may even be his best movie ever. Without any further introduction, let’s get started.
Bloodrayne takes place in medieval times, and starts off with three people walking up to someone’s stall. They are Vladimir, Sebastian, and Katarin (played by Michelle Rodriguez… I’ll just call her Michelle cause’ that’s easier for me.) They are apparently looking for something, or someone, but the movie doesn’t tell us quite yet, keeping up the suspense.  Another random dude walks up to the same stall and asks for some Absinthe, and right away Vladimir stabs him in the chest. The random dude falls to the ground and morphs into something ugly as he dies. I have no idea what just happened, but it was frickin hardcore. The best part here is how nobody seems to react to this at all. The owner of the stall then tells them of some “amazing girl” being shown off at a carnival.

The movie then warps to the carnival where we meet Rayne (played by Kristanna Loken from Terminator 3,) our main character. She’s held captive by the carnival’s owner and is brought into a show tent. They force her arm into a barrel of water and it burns. They then feed her blood and it heals. Ok, so I guess Rayne is a vampire then, so why not just tell your audience this? According to the movie vampires are all over, so I’m sure most of these people would have at least heard of vampires. Oh well, it’s awesome anyway. Afterward, they lock Rayne into a cage.

Thursday, July 1

Video Review - Spy Games: Elevator Mission

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    Well, I finally finished my first video review. It's very amateurish, but half of the development was figuring out the program and fixing technical problems. I hope you like it, and if you have any suggestions for any future videos, please let me know.