Tuesday, July 13

Donkey Kong Country Returns poem

Yeah, I know it's mediocre, but I felt like posting it here anyway.

Donkey Kong, Donkey Kong,
when will you return?
Your last real game was DK64,
And even then, I felt a burn.

How awesome were your classics?
Donkey Kong Country and the arcade
You need to return to your basics,
Like Rare last had you made.

Your Country trilogy was brilliant,
Classic platforming at it's best.
Lately you've just done music games;
Seemed like you were put to rest.

Meanwhile Mario gets too much attention,
Nintendo's big mascot he may be,
Yet he debuted in "Donkey Kong",
Surely someone must see.

Jungle Beat doesn't count,
And neither does King of Swing.
Sure, they had your name on them,
But weird gameplay they did bring.

Mario has Galaxy,
And plenty of sport titles
Zelda has a steady franchise,
to big N, they are vital.

Yet you have been ignored far too long,
You were my childhood favorite,
Yet despite dozens of Mario games,
Your return's been...

Oh wait, I must be blind.
Donkey Cong Country Returns was just announced.
A perfect title too,
When I heard, I joyfully bounced.

It's 2D platforming again,
Just like the Country games.
It's coming to the Wii,
DK's returning to fame!

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