Friday, May 28

The Last Game Store - Halifax

    So I just got back from a little vacation in Nova Scotia to visit my dad's family. While I was there, I went into an independent game store called "The Last Game Store" in Halifax. Why am I writing this? Because it's quite possibly the best game store I've ever stepped into.

    The first thing you see when you step into this little used game shop is a bunch of arcade machines. When I was there, these included Marvel Vs. Capcom 2, Spider-Man, and several other classics. Venture in a bit more and you'll find all their used game consoles in a glass display case. It didn't take long for me to realize that they had full sections for used games from every major game console ever released...yup!

   They had a wall of NES games still in their boxes, and another wall for used Atari games. They had an uncountable number of PS1, PS2, and Xbox games available - all for fairly decent prices. They had games for every Sega system released - even the bad ones that never sold well. They also had a good number of semi-rare titles for various systems, once again for fairly decent prices. I was nearly overwhelmed with feelings of nostalgia.

    Beyond the vast number of games available, they also had a fairly impressive display going on. They had a number of system boxes up above the games, including the box for the DVD playing Gamecube which was only released in Japan, and a number of rare European released games on display. Probably my favorite display though was the wall of painted NES consoles and Playstation Consoles.

    I happened to be quite lucky the day I entered the store - Victoria Day (unlike Ontario, most stores are still open on Victoria Day - on the flip-side, they're all closed on Remembrance Day.) The worker there informed me that every holiday they have a "buy one-get one free" deal. For every game I bought that day, they gave me a free one of equel or lesser value. You'll never get that kind of deal in a franchise store like Best Buy or GameStop. The worker there was friendly as well, and we talked a bit about various game systems (and how different places within the same country celibate different holidays haha.)

    So if you live in Halifax, or are ever in the area, stop by at "The Last Game Store". The name is actually quite appropriate - it's the only used game store you'll ever need. I wish my hometown had a game store like that.

These pictures are from their Facebook page here

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