Friday, September 3

Crackdown 2 DLC problem

    If you've watched this, then you know I didn't like Crackdown 2. The game's first DLC released can apparently make the game stop working. Even more reason not to buy the new Crackdown for $60 when you can get a better Crackdown experience in the exact same city with the exact same bad guys for $15.

    Ruffian games (the developer) suggests that you delete your cache, the DLC, and your Profile in order to fix this problem. Seriously, WHAT THE FRICK?  OK, so you can recover your profile and the DLC afterward, but this is really pathetic. This problem really shouldn't happen for DLC that you have to pay for . Before you ask, yes I am aware that there is a free version of the DLC with less content....but is it really worth paying 560 Microsoft points for 8 new armor colors and a couple new weapons and vehicles? Just further proof that Crackdown 2 is a rush-job that adds nothing new to the franchise.

    According to Ruffian, the reported problem with the DLC "May be an issue with the packaging process Microsoft applies to all DLC before they put it online". Yeah, blame it on Microsoft even though they've done this thousands of times before. I officially hate Ruffian Games now, and you should too.

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