Monday, September 5

School again

    I start my second year of school tomorrow, so again my blog updates are going to slow down for a while.

    In addition to that though, I'm not as much into movies and games as I was when I started this blog. I go through cycles of interests. For a year or two, I'll be into one thing, than I'll switch to another. When I started this blog, I was more into games than anything else. Before that, I was into movies. Before that, Music. Right now, I'm into comics more than anything else. Sure, I still enjoy the other three, but lately reviewing bad movies has felt more like a chore than the fun I had before. Heck, I've barely been playing any video games for a while...besides games about Marvel Comics characters and Batman.

    I'll still write reviews for bad movies, but expect them to be less frequent for now. They might be shorter too. On the other hand, whenever I see a movie in theaters within it's first two weeks of release, I'll give a quick review of that too. I might try reviewing a few comic story arcs here and there as well. As for video games, well...I might not even play enough games to have another list like this.

    I still plan on updating this blog, but it might be going through a few changes over the next month or so.

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