Sunday, September 18

The War Hero

I haven't had much time to work on a review this week, so here's a poem I wrote for my Creative Writing courses. Hope you enjoy.

I was a war hero once,
I fought many battles.
I survived ambushes,
And took many lives.

The enemy feared me,
They fled for their lives,
They cowered behind cover,
Only to delay their fall.

My allies loved him,
My leaders respected him,
Yet I didn’t care,
I just wanted to win.

My objective was clear,
“Take out their leader”,
I was to go in alone,
One shot to finish the war.

I jumped from the plain,
Into enemy territory,
Landed perfectly,
And prepared my weapons.

I scanned the area,
No patrol units around,
I headed toward their camp,
Where my target was.

Finally a patrol jeep,
Seven soldiers in the back,
I hid in the bushes,
As they approached my trap.

I charged the patrol
Shooting to and fro,
Crushing the enemy
And very easily so.

I leapt forward,
Guns in each hand,
Firing away,
My enemies slain.

I took the jeep,
Used it for my own,
Drove closer to the camp,
And stopped on a hill above.

I moved to their camp
Their general in sight,
But before I could fire,
I was attacked from behind.

The enemy surrounded me,
But I didn't surrender,
I basted my way through,
And fled to the hills.

The enemy pursued,
I waited for them.
When they reached my sight,
I mowed them all down.

I collected their ammo,
Having used all my own,
Reloaded my weapons,
And moved back to the camp.

The path was easier now,
Fewer enemies this time,
But before I reached the general,
I received a shot from behind.

I turned around startled,
And there they were,
The enemy’s Special Forces,
Who shot me down.

I shouted in anger,
Threw up my arms,
Turned off the PlayStation,
“This mission’s too hard!

“I’ve tried that mission,
Seventeen times,
I just can’t do it.”
And then downed some beer.

I was a war hero once,
Within my favourite game.
It got too hard in the end,
I still haven’t won.

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