Sunday, January 29

new computer

I haven't updated much lately, mostly because my old desktop computer, the monster, is dead. It's a little hard to run two blogs while in college, working a part-time job, and building a new computer at the same time. My new computer is now complete and while I can't promise at this time, I hope to have another movie review in the next few weeks.

RIP Monster, you have served me well. It's bittersweet to see my first personally owned desktop bite the dust. I saved up for that $2,000 beast for over a year with a paper route. Now, the motherboard is fritzy and one of its capacitors has expanded so much it's ready to leak acid.

But this is not the end. While the monster lays slain, its soul (an upgraded video card I bought just over a year ago) will live on through THE TITAN! In every way it is at least four times as powerful as the Monster.

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