Thursday, March 18

Perfect Dark - Xbox Live Arcade impressions

    It's Perfect Dark, just with a better frame rate, improved character and weapon models, high-definition, and online multi-player. Other than that, they changed nothing about the game, which is absolutely perfect. I'm glad that they finally released one of my favorite games from my teenage years onto Xbox Live. Playing this game had me flowing with nostalgia; remembering all those all-nighters sitting at a couch with three other guys playing all night.

    For those of you who don't know, Perfect Dark is the spiritual sequel to Goldeneye 007. Goldeneye is probably the most famous console FPS of all time. Perfect Dark is very much like it's predecessor - even including several maps from the famous 007 game, but improves on it in many ways. Sure, Perfect Dark has it's problems; the story maps can get confusing for one thing, but it's still my favorite N64 game by far.

    So yeah, I'm very satisfied with this re-release. What was that other game that came out this week? It was a PS3 exclusive, but I can't quite...God Of War 3! Yeah, saying that game's epic doesn't do it justice - it re-defines epic. That said, Perfect Dark was the big one for me this week.

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