Friday, March 19

Pure Pwnanage TV - Season 1 episode 1

    Pure Pwnage was originally a web-based series that started in 2004. It was about Jeremy, a pro gamer, and friends of his. Long story short, it makes fun of hardcore gamers even though the series creators could be considered as hardcore themselves. They released 18 episodes online and a DVD set for the first season (12 episodes). The web series gained a large enough audience to have premiers all over North America, and even a few overseas. The show was hilarious at first, although after the first three season 2 episodes it just got lame. In July last year, they announced that the web-series was delayed indefinitely because they got a TV deal. I just finished watching the first episode of teh TV show, which just started.

    The TV show has little to do with the original series, as it features only three of the original characters: Jeremy the_pwnerer, FPS_Doug, and Kyle the cameraman/noob. Pretty much everyone else is completely new, and it follows a completely different storyline. In the first episode, Jeremy's mom gets fed up with her 26-year-old doing nothing but playing games in their basement and cancels the internet. They did a great job at introducing the characters to new audiences without boring any of the longtime fans. This episode is hilarious, nuff' said. So far, this TV series is looking good, and I'm looking forward to episode 2.

You can watch the episode here.

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