Friday, February 19

...And Now For Something Completely Different

The Bat in a Hat

There once was a bat in a hat,
Who had a pet rat and a cat.
The name of this bat is just Matt.
He likes to eat scat that's nonfat.

He stepped on a gnat that went splat,
Then he slat that gnat on his mat,
And now that dead gnat's just a stat.
That show's Matt's dead gnat drat format.

Matt the bat's combat involves bats,
He'll cheat with his chat about rats,
Then he'll swing that bat like wildcats,
And crush you so flat like those gnats.

He likes to wear hats and play skat,
And search for brickbats on his plat.
But while playing skat with this bat,
He will make you pat his pet rat.

Matt the bat spat scat in that vat,
And pat his pet cat with his bat,
Put on his cravat and his hat,
And ended this frickin poem before it got out of hand.

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