Sunday, February 7

Stupid movie moments

Here's a small list of absolutely stupid movie moments. Ranging from decisions behind the movies, really bad dialogue, mistakes, or flat out dumb scenes. Without further introduction, let's begin.

The weather satellite creating a storm in Superman 3 - Everything about this scenario baffles me. First of all, weather satellites cannot create weather; they can only monitor weather. Secondly, how does a simple-minded man who had just been trained on computers a few weeks ago manage to hack into the satellite system from a small office in Smallville? Thirdly, this was done so that the main villain could completely control the world's supply of coffee. Why? If you have that kind of power, why go for coffee? Why not just go for oil...wait, he did go for oil later in the movie. The whole movie is a jumbled mess of scientific inaccuracies and painful attempts at comedy, but this scene is something else. Superman comes and fixes the weather problems, but we don't even see that.

The dance number in Spider-man 3 - Seriously, why? Why did they have Peter Parker dancing down the street and hitting on young women? This whole movie was lackluster compared to the first two Spider-man movies, but this one moment is what truly killed it. A scene that comes out of no-where, feels completely out of place, and is just over the top silly for a movie that's supposed to be relatively serious. Oh yeah, they wasted Venom too.

Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End (the whole movie) - The Pirates of the Caribbean trilogy is very similar to the Matrix trilogy in a sense; the first movie was awesome, the second was alright, and the third one ruined the trilogy. Although "Matrix Revolutions" had some decent moments, it just kept giving us more plot details and questions without answering anything from "Reloaded". At "World's End" is like that, but worse. The Kraken (the main threat from "Dead Man's Chest) is killed off between movies with no explanation. Plot details are introduced faster than anything can be answered, and before long the whole story becomes a jumbled mess. It's like someone loaded a bunch of plot lines into a shotgun, fired it, and pieced them together in a random order.

Frog vs lightning line in X-Men - Don't get me wrong, this movie's actually pretty good. It introduces us to Wolverine and the X-men, has a fairly decent story, and some good action to boot. However, the script isn't always the greatest. Usually, the bad lines go unnoticed, but then you hear Storm say - Do you know what happens to a frog when it’s struck by a lightning? [pause] The same thing that happens to everything else.” I cringe every time I hear that line, it's just...bad.

Grenade scene in Die Hard 2 - There's a scene in Die Hard 2 where John McClane is trapped inside an airplane's cockpit. The terrorists then throw a bunch of grenades through a hole in the window. John McClane manages to escape using an ejection seat...thirty seconds later. Firstly, grenades don't take that long to explode. If the scene was realistic, the plane would have exploded before John would have even noticed the ejection seats. Additionally, the last grenade thrown is clearly seen bouncing off the plane's window, yet in the next shot we see it falling into the cockpit. The excessively long grenade delay takes us out of an otherwise tense moment in a decent action movie. "Die Hard 2" had plenty of other mistakes, but this one is by far the most noticeable.

And that's all for now.

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