Thursday, February 18

Uwe Bowl Making Third Bloodrayne Movie

Yeah, apparently he's releasing  another sequel to one of his earlier video game movies. Worse yet, Kristanna Loken (TX from Terminator 3) will be returning as the title character after missing out on the second. Three Bloodrayne movies? That's more Uwe Bowl movies than there ever were Bloodrayne games. What's going on here?

Seriously, why is Uwe Bowl still making movies? How is he making money? Actually, I have to correct myself; he doesn't make movies. He makes video clips, slaps them together, and calls those movies. For those of you who don't know, Uwe Bowl is infamous for making terrible movies based on videogames. Through his movies, he's ruined franchises like Dungeon Siege, the House Of The Dead arcades, Far Cry, and Postal. Some call him the Ed Wood of modern film making, but that's too much of a compliment since all of Ed Wood's pictures were at least his own vision. Uwe Bowl is more like someone with diarrhea who ate too much chili; his crap stinks, burns, and goes straight into the toilet after release. I'm sorry for that image but it's true.


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